Current projects

Between March and June 2023, we launched our first POC in partnership with Dr Dam of Granada Hills Charter School in Los Angeles.

Granada Hills, LA

We ran an educational programme with three classes of different age levels, involving more than 100 students. The programme included an introduction to the Web3 world, what a DAO is and how the governance process works within it. During the project, the students worked together both in class and on a forum to create and refine proposals to improve their lives within the school, after which they took a vote via Snapshot, a decentralised voting platform. 

The Result

Among the most popular proposals were a new policy for the use of smartphones within the school, a new dress code policy and a request to open more toilets for students, as the number of accessible toilets was limited due to safety issues around students vaping in the bathrooms and setting off smoke alarms that were resulting in school evacuations. To mitigate this risk, the students suggested installing vape detectors.

Since the vote the bathrooms have been reopened.

Congratulations to the students of Granada Hills, excellent work!

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