The School DAO project aims to revolutionize the way schools are governed, and we're doing it with the power of DAOs - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

We interviewed many students and they told us that school can be a place where they feel their voices go unheard, where important decisions are made without their input, and the resulting environment often feels imposed rather than chosen. Students sometimes feel pitted against the system, leading to disengagement, dissatisfaction, and a lack of ownership. In the instances where student councils or class representatives exist, they are often limited in their influence, and do not always represent the interests of the majority of students.

But looking at a school as a whole we need to understand that the number of interested stake holders goes beyond any one group: administrators, students, teachers, parents, the larger community, and each group has interests and priorities that deserve a voice.

Our solution? 

We turn to DAOs and web3 technology. A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a governance structure powered by blockchain technology, which allows decisions to be made in a democratic, transparent, and decentralized manner. Instead of being controlled by a single entity, everyone involved in a DAO has a say in its governance.

By introducing our DAO product and learning platform in schools, we are empowering the voices of all stake holders, giving them the opportunity to participate directly in the decisions that affect their daily lives, transforming governance. Schools will become more democratic, engaging, and inclusive spaces.


Our platform aims to educate on the use of DAOs, providing the tools and knowledge to conceive and debate proposals, and vote on them in a democratic manner.

Our vision is to have a secure WebApp in which all stakeholders can login, learn, discuss, propose, vote and more. We have learned from gamification and aim to apply it into our platform, making proposal and voting not just a chore, but a habitual yet fun process. 

Our platform will leverage and make accessible the latest technology to provide safety, decentralization and transparency for school governance.

We aim to empower the voice of your stakeholder group, and empower the voices of all groups to have their say on the running of the school.

Welcome to the future of school governance. Let's start building it together.

How Does The School DAO Work

We envisage our School DAO platform designed to be user-friendly and empowering, giving voice to the needs of school students and a seat at the table when it comes to the decisions on how their school is run. Here's how it works:

Onboarding process

Creating the Student Wallet: To get started, each student will be whitelisted to provide secure access to the platform either using their school or personal email address, or via a digital wallet.

DAO Parameters: Using a gamified approach, and to promote active student voting and decision making, Students will vote on the parameters for their school's DAO, including voting methods, quorum thresholds, and stakeholder access permissions.

Student led Governance

Ideation / Discovery Area: Any member of the school community can propose an idea or issue to start a discussion, like creating a thread on a forum. Ideas must have a title and brief explanation. If the idea receives a threshold of student support (upvotes), it progresses to the proposal phase.

Proposal Area: When an idea reaches this stage, the original proposer and supporters are notified and directed to a proposal template page. The idea must be developed into a full proposal, meeting the template's criteria, and posted on the platform for debate. Optional signal voting can be used before the actual vote.

Voting Area: Only members of the School DAO may vote on the proposal.

Enactment: After a proposal passes, we provide guidance on next steps for implementation, including presentation of proposals to stakeholders, including School Management and parents, building partnerships and working to enact proposals with all . A record of the decision is kept in the DAO's ledger.

Learning and More

Resources: Our platform houses a comprehensive learning library with training materials and resources. It also maintains a record of all platform activities, promoting transparency and accountability.

Collaboration: We foster collaboration by providing a space where students and stakeholders from all School DAOs can share initiatives, learnings, and collaborate. This could even extend to regional or national level discussions for educational reform.

Support and Consultation: We offer support and consultation services to ensure smooth operation of DAOs created on our platform and resolve any issues.


Bring The School DAO to your school

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